My Three Wishes

For my 9th birthday I took some friends to see the new Disney movie- Aladdin. I liked the movie, but what I really loved was to dream about what my three wishes would be. I remember lying in bed at night coming up with my grand plan of what I would wish for. Looking back, I think nine might be a little old for believing that I might find a magic lamp with a genie inside, but it kept me dreaming!

So, the consensus on my three wishes was some variation of this:

Wish 1: I wished to be 30.
Wish 2: I wished to have a family- husband and children.
Wish 3: I wished to have a house.

Here is why:

Even when I was 9 years old I was ready to grow up. Why, you might ask? This will lead you to wish number 2.

Wishing for a family could be considered two wishes (husband and children), but in my mind I made it one! I have been wanting to be married with babies since I was 9 years old. I used to pretend I was pregnant ALL the time! I had the perfect ball to put under my shirt, and I would play pregnant lady all day long! I was a weird kid, I know! So, my family hasn't been too surprised by me being pregnant most of my married life.

Wish number three was a house for my 30 year-old self and my family. I love houses, always have. I was introduced to looking through the real estate section of the newspaper when I was seven and my parents were house hunting. It has been a favorite activity of mine ever since then. I love everything about houses. I love real estate, I love decorating, and I dream of doing a total gut-job to a house.

I was reflecting on my life today and thought back to my wishes. How lucky am I? I got all of my wishes (minus the being 30 part)! I am twenty-six years old with the most wonderful husband, three beautiful, healthy little boys and a cute little house. Everything from here on out is just icing on the cake! I truly am living my dream, and sometimes I need to sit back and remember that so I can appreciate every minute of it!


  1. Anonymous9/15/2010

    When I was 7 years old, I wrote a paper for school that my mother kept. It was titled, When I Get Big. I wrote the following: I want to be a teacher. I like to check papers. I want to be a teacher because I like to see happy children. I like to see how they behave. Then I will be a mother too. It will be nice to be two things. First, I would wash the floor and when it is drying, I would check a lot of papers. i would let some of the children that could walk and talk clean there rooms and some other things. I would check papers while they worked and when they were fast asleep, I would go to sleep too.

    I even drew a picture of the me sitting in the teacher's chair with pussy willow in a vase and my male friend watching me. The teacher had her hands on her hips and a bubble coming out of her mouth that said, "Children get out." I was ready to grow up too.

    It's amazing how some of us can know what we want all our lives. Now Emelia, she wanted to be a bus driver at 5 years of age because city buses roared down Woodward Ave back then and we'd take trips to the library on them. I'm glad she made a different choice.

    Maggie, I love your meanderings of the heart and mind! Cheryl LaFortune

  2. I am quite glad that I didn't end up a bus driver (or a truck driver). But I remember thinking that if I drove trucks around the country, I could learn all the languages of the world listening to tapes all day.

    Mags, I was looking at the picture of you, Jono and I at age 4 or so sitting at the lake with costumes and I was a nurse...actually i might have been the only one wearing a costume ( I don't remember, boo).

    Congratulations on living the life of your dreams! I am so so happy for you (and your beautiful family, of course)!
    Lots of Love, Emelia

  3. Cheryl LaFortune9/16/2010

    Emelia, you were the only one in costume. There it was all the time. Amazing!